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We are excited to announce that the “I Have A Dream” Foundation has been selected to be featured in this year’s CBS Cares campaign, a national public service campaign. As part of the campaign, CBS has produced PSAs about the “I Have A Dream” Foundation that will be aired in every CBS market across the country, to an estimated audience of 100 million viewers. 

The campaign features celebrities from CBS programs, including Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), LL Cool J (NCIS: LA), Luis Guzmán (Code Black), Téa Leoni (Madam Secretary), Chi McBride (Hawaii Five-0), Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds), Jeff Probst (Survivor), Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods) and more.

The campaign began in November 2015, and will continue through Spring 2016. We are also grateful to have had the opportunity to see our PSAs featuring Téa Leoni and Tom Selleck air during Super Bowl 50. 

A major goal of this campaign has been to triple our online and social reach. Please join our movement. You can like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We encourage you to use the guide below to share the campaign. We look forward to using this tremendous opportunity to provide our Dreamers with more visibility, resources, and access to success and we are honored to be partnering with the entire CBS Cares team.


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To download images, right click (or option click on a mac) and select "Save Image As." Check out the new CBS Cares PSA for the "I Have A Dream" Foundation with Téa Leoni! Learn more about how you can help fight intergenerational poverty through education at Shemar Moore and Tom Selleck stand up for education in this new CBS Cares PSA. Learn more at You can help a child from a low-income community achieve the dream of a higher education. Learn more at CBS, Chi McBride, & Téa Leoni teamed up on a new PSA to promote access to higher education. Learn more at Chi McBride, Luis Guzmán, and Tom Selleck stand up for equity in education. Learn more about what you can do at 

The "I Have A Dream" Foundation is fighting intergenerational poverty by providing educational access & support to and through college. Learn more at 


“Never give up and always believe in yourself. The more you believe in yourself and the more you appreciate yourself as a person, you will always be able to accomplish anything." -Jakira, Dreamer & 1st year at St. John's University

.@tealeoni stands up for educational equity with this new @cbscares PSA: 

New @cbscares PSAs for @ihdfnational feature @tealeoni, @shemarmoore, @IamLuisGuzman & more.

@shemarmoore & #tomselleck stand up for education in new @cbscares PSA:

#ChiMcBride, @IamLuisGuzman & #TomSelleck team up with @CBS for education:

Spread the word about the @cbscares PSAs for @ihdfnational. Learn more at

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