Dreamer Conference 2002

In 2002, 80 Dreamers traveled to the picturesque hamlet of Kerhonkson, NY, to attend the annual Dreamer Conference. While there, Dreamers not only participated in educational sessions, but also showcased their own talents. The experience inspired 12th grader, Tiffany Caesar, to write wrote the poem below. 

Bigger Than You Know
By: Tiffany Caesar, St. Louis Dreamer, 12th grade

A dream bigger than you can see,
a destiny that you wouldn't believe.
I didn't know that there were 
so many students like me,
who have a dream to become almost anything,
who share the struggle
of the inner city,
who possess the key of success
in the palm of their hands,
not letting the cold winds
blow them out of their path.
Taking a chance to adapt
and learn new things.
Being a leader now and forever.
Feeling the downs of life,
but never falling under pressure.
The sweet aroma of confidence is always there,
and fear shall never prevail.
Building a foundation with experience and tears,
having hope when some think that
there is none to give.

Yes, we are Dreamers. 

Tiffany recited the poem to her peers before the conference's conclusion, creating one of the event's most memorable highlights. 

This conference was made possible by the generous support of our donors.