Dreamer Conference 2015

On July 22nd, Boston College welcomed over 70 Dreamers from “I Have A Dream” programs across the country to its campus for the 2015 Dreamer Conference. The conference, which took place over three days, marks the 14th annual gathering. Each year, talented middle school and high school Dreamers from across the nation come to a college campus to engage in a number of activities aimed at college readiness. The Dreamers live in college dorms, eat in the dining hall and attend workshops in college classrooms. Thus, Dreamers are better able to picture themselves as college students and fuel their academic goals.

Throughout the conference, Dreamers interacted with current college students, guest speakers and admissions representatives in intellectually stimulating activities. This year, Chanel Edwards, the first Dreamer Alumna to join the National Board of Directors and a current Vice President at BlackRock, spoke to the Dreamers about her college experience. Additionally, Dan Bunch, Executive Director of the Learning to Learn Program at Boston College shared inspiring remarks with the Dreamers. Dreamers attended a number of engaging, informative workshops including ones focused on policy and advocacy, the college admissions process and the tools needed for academic success. To help further their college ambitions, Dreamers toured both Harvard University and Boston College. Having experienced life on a college campus, our Dreamers left the Conference with a greater sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities. They returned home armed with the tools needed to make college success a reality, and eager to share what they have learned with their peers.