“I Have A Dream" Foundation – Milwaukee

Contact: David Comer (414) 267-1000
Milwaukee, WI

“I Have A Dream” Foundation–Milwaukee was launched in 2008 at Clarke Street School by Mayor Tom Barrett and other supporters. The program has garnered over $2 million in investments to guarantee every Dreamer college tuition support and access to comprehensive, year-round tutoring, mentoring and other social support services until they complete college.

The program currently serves 57 Dreamers and their families. 97% of Dreamers are African American and 71% live in single parent, female headed households with annual incomes of less than $20,000. The poverty rate in the neighborhood and adjoining areas where Clarke Street School is located exceeds 60%. Metcalfe Park faces numerous social and economic challenges including high crime, unemployment, teen pregnancy and school drop-out rates.

Despite these odds, “I Have A Dream” Foundation–Milwaukee is making a difference by:

“I Have A Dream” Foundation–Milwaukee is well on its way to putting 57 Dreamers on a path to successfully complete high school and succeed in college and beyond. 100 % of Dreamers believe they will go to college. A number of parents have also gone on to achieve GEDs and one entered college this year – role modeling the importance of education to Dreamers.