"I Have A Dream" Foundation – New York

New York, NY

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation – New York has served 35 cohorts and over 2,500 Dreamers since its inception. We currently serve over 230 Dreamers in four active cohorts in grades 1-12, three through partnerships with public housing developments and one in partnership with a public school. IHDF-NY also serves over 300 Dreamers who are in college (Dreamer Scholars) or in the early phases of their careers (Dreamer Alumni). Afterschool programming includes extensive academic support, mentoring, community service, health and wellness programming, college preparation, and enrichment activities, all designed to help Dreamers reach their education and career potential. Cohort sites are located in public housing or in neighborhoods where Dreamers live, enabling activities to become part of Dreamers’ daily lives and routines, and strengthening IHDF-NY’s connections with Dreamers’ families.

IHDF-NY Dreamers currently have an 88% high school graduation rate, significantly above the New York City average of 64%. The majority of Dreamers currently enrolled in IHDF-NY cohorts show academic improvement from baseline to their most current report card; Dreamers also have lower incarceration and teen pregnancy rates compared to their peer group. Dreamers also report finding adults more often at IHDF-NY cohorts than at school or home who care about them and believe in their success.