The Beacon Experience

Contact: Ana Llorente (305) 971-3950
Miami, FL

The Beacon Experience, a Miami-based cohort of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, is dedicated to helping students continue their education beyond the high school spectrum and help them become the leaders of tomorrow. In 2006, the Beacon Experience adopted 64 Kindergarteners at Colonial Drive Elementary and has been committed to this select group of “Dreamers” ever since, providing them with countless opportunities and resources to help them excel in school.
Over the past nine years, the Beacon Experience has provided in-home tutoring services, after-school programming, summer programming, field trips, toy drives, and numerous other events and programs to these Dreamers who now are spread out over 30 different schools and most of whom are now in eighth grade! As our Dreamers are starting to identify their “dreams,” the Beacon Experience is doing everything it can to help them pursue post-secondary education and achieve those dreams. The coming years are extremely important in preparing our Dreamers and their families for college and we are committed to providing each child with the necessary tools to help him/her develop to his/her fullest potential -– educationally, intellectually, socially and emotionally.