“I Have A Dream” Foundation of Miami, Inc.

Miami, FL

Founded in 1995 by the Trump Family, the "I Have A Dream” Foundation of Miami has been instrumental to the Greater Miami community for 20 years. In August of 2007, we started a new class of Dreamers at Hibiscus Elementary School. Dreamers are given academic support and enrichment through Dreamer Academy 5 days a week, as well as our Saturday Academy and Summer Academy. “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Miami believes in a holistic approach when working with young people. In addition to academic support, we offer life skills workshops, lifestyle education, mentoring, counseling, weekend outings, and fieldtrips. These services will be provided throughout our Dreamers’ educational tenure.

“I Have A Dream” Foundation of Miami is currently serving over 100 Dreamers. Upon graduating high school these same Dreamers will be provided a full tuition scholarship to any 4 year state university or vocational/trade school.